Appointments for Individuals are  approximately 1 hour in duration, whilst Couples Counselling sessions are typically 1 ½ hours in duration.

At a client’s initial consultation, we discuss their treatment requirements and agree on how often we feel appointments will be necessary, although I am completely flexible in this regard, and understand that a client’s needs can change during the process.

Payments are made in cash at the beginning of each session.

Should  a  client  require  long-term  treatment,  monthly  invoicing  can  be  arranged,  subject  to  prior agreement.

Please email me on celeste@evengreater.co.za or call me on 071 111 95 35, for my fee schedule and/or to make an appointment.

Celeste has a natural aptitude for analysing complex situations and recommending appropriate solutions and courses of action to her clients. I was incredibly impressed with her accurate assessment of my situation, and more so with her insightful advice.

Anonymous - Client