Aims & Approach

During my counselling sessions, I aim to:

  • Provide an environment that is completely safe and non-judgmental, where my clients feel secure and confident in the fact that they can trust me implicitly.
  • Provide my clients with hope for a better, brighter future because, often, this is the common ingredient missing in the lives of my clients on our first encounter.
  • Guide, help and support my clients to gain a deeper sense of awareness of themselves and the experiences that have shaped their perceptions in order to function in their environment and circumstances with a greater level of clarity and insight.
  • Validate my clients’ emotions regardless of what they may be; because, often affirmation of a client’s hurt is the greatest step towards healing in the counselling process.  I also find that many clients benefit purely from being given the opportunity to express themselves and share their feelings with someone who is genuinely interested and concerned for their wellbeing.
  • Encourage and motive my clients to confront and work through the emotions that are presenting obstacles to their success and healing in order that they may self-actualize to the greatest degree possible.
  • Provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to deal with situations and emotions they find difficult to cope with so that they can lead more productive and fulfilling lives in the long run.

My Approach

My therapeutic methods depend entirely upon my client’s individual personality, situation and circumstances, and are based upon the solutions and outcomes they are hoping to achieve at the end of the counselling process.

I use a combination of Gestalt Therapy, Person Centered and Solutions Focused Approaches which are geared specifically towards  my clients’ unique needs and  the approach I  feel will be most effective for their healing and/or growth. These therapies are fluent in their adaptation and I am extremely flexible in those I choose to use, often using several approaches with a client during their course of treatment in order to obtain the most desirable outcome in the end.

When deciding on which approach will be most effective for a particular client, I take into account their individualism, past experiences, present circumstances and current situation so that, ultimately, they experience healing, beneficial changes, and personal growth and development in their lives at the conclusion of their treatment with me.

Celeste has added so much value to my life by giving me the tools to change my mindset, overcome my insecurities and build and maintain meaningful relationships with my family, friends and colleagues.

Anonymous - Client