I am Registered Counsellor (Reg No: 0093) with a 3 year Diploma in Advanced Counselling from the University of South Africa.

I have been involved professionally in the counselling space since 2009, when I became a volunteer Office Manager at Hope House Counselling Centre (www.hopehouse.org), where my respect and appreciation for the value of counselling and its effectiveness in completely transforming peoples’ lives only continued to grow.

I have a great deal of my own hard earned life lessons to draw upon, which were gained through having experienced pain, trauma, guilt and disappointments in my own life.  But I’d never have been able to work through all this pain and self-doubt if I had not received counselling myself, which I believe is vital in order for true healing to occur.

Although I have always genuinely cared for the emotional wellbeing of others, and people seem drawn to confide in me, it was at Hope House that I developed a burning desire to become a qualified Counsellor as I decided then that I wanted my life to truly mean something and to make a difference to the lives of others.

Aside from my Counselling Practice, I am also currently responsible for the Wellness Program of an NGO called “Shout  it Now”  (www.shoutitnow.org) which provides HIV education and testing to the communities in  and around Gauteng.   This Program focuses on, amongst other vital issues, the regular Debriefing of our 30 HIV Counsellors, who are out in the field daily and often exposed to emotions that they need help in processing afterwards.

I still volunteer fairly regularly at Hope House, where I now counsel clients, and have been facilitating their Adult Anger Management workshops since 2010, together with other workshops that I facilitate in my own professional capacity

Celeste is an excellent communicator with the ability to diffuse any tense situation with her unique sense of humour!

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